Stodderbarn (Tramps Child) on slow tour in Denmark

After 30 succesfull screenings in the independent microcinema BioGrafen in Copenhagen, Stodderbarn started the slow permacultural tour in mid september 2015 in Todbjerg, Jutland – and it was a wonderfull and succesfull experience.

Eventhough it takes extra effort to arrange a room that is not normally a cinema to be a tolerable screening room, for this type of film and story it worked very well.
The room was full, and the audience  expressed that they had been moved, provoked to think about their own lives, and life in general, and many of them surprised and inspired by the style and tone of Stodderbarn. There was both laughter, tears and thoughts evoked – so we feel it is safe to say that it did the job 😀

The tour is based on a word of mouth principle. The idea is to test how  a filmevent travels, and what it does to the experience of the event, if it is not promoted via commercials, nominations and prizes – but simply by the impact it has had on people..  So – if you would like to make a screening of Stodderbarn near you, contact us on, and we can look into the possibilities for that. It can be basically anywhere with a room and a budget to accomodate this type of event, so feel free to get creative about where and how. Since the first screening on the tour, Stodderbarn has travelled on various venues, cafe´s and churches and even the National Gallery of Denmark.

The next screening will be on 10th of november 2016 in Struer, Jutland on the local library. You can check out some of the press from the screenings that has already taken place here and read some testimonials from the audiences here.

For more info about Stodderbarn, check these articles from Weekendavisen and Politiken or read a bit more from us about the event:pressemeddelelse-til-visning-af-stodderbarn

We hope to come and see you somewhere and give you the full Stodderbarn experience out there (and don´t worry the event IS in danish,  as long as we travel in Denmark – it is just this blog that is in english ;-).. well, unless you would like the event to be in english, then we can manage that as well)

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